Sunday, June 14, 2009

smallest waist in three counties

Look out for some great new postings this week. I struck thriftstore gold yesterday and as soon as I get my hands on an SLR, I'll be posting all the great stuff I found. Some things to look forward to? A tiny Girl Scout dress; a great, houndstooth mod tent frock; a few altered 80s dresses (goodbye, shoulder pads); some awesome brown and cream checked 70s slacks; a pair of pointed-toe, suede and leather 50s heels and a few purses. The best part? I found the most beautiful, dark green, wool suit with gathered shoulders and little black bows down the front. It fits so perfectly and was such a pain to find both pieces of that I'm not sure I'll ever be able to part with it. Of course, Minneapolis seems to have finally realized it was summer so this fabulous outfit may have to wait a few months to make it's debut.

Let's talk hats. I found the absolute cutest brown felt wide brim (with tasteful brown ribbon) at Value Village a few weeks ago and haven't been able to stop wearing it since. Of course, that may be because the day I got it I happened to dye my hair a foul color (let's just say it would go well with a cat ear headband and a GED), but in any case it's cute cute cute and I never want to take it off. It reminds me of Annie Hall at the beach- perfect. It's inspired in me a passion I haven't felt for an accessory since my very-early-in-highschool, heart-studded cowboy boots! Ralph Lauren put out a rather surprisingly attractive hat for the summer which I drooled over for a few minutes before deciding it was too newsboy-ish, or whatever that gross style of hat the second-ring-suburb Ed Hardy boys are wearing.

Look at this. That Scarlett O'Hara sure knows how to wear a hat.
You can't tell by the picture, but this particular cap has beautiful green, velvet ribbon that ties underneath her chin.

Here's another great hat (a little boast: this looks a lot like the current object of my obsession) from someone's lookbook I stumbled upon.

And one more (thanks again, lookbook):

I think you'll be glad to hear that my bobbin case has resurfaced, so it's back to work tonight!!

1950s Dior

Something about the black and white and those full skirts...

Oh, and this one. Reminds me of this gorgeous Calvin Klein blouse I always forgot to buy. I'd like to reconstruct this entire outfit. I'll post my version as soon as I get the piece I lost to my sewing machine when I cleaned my apartment last week. Ironic I know. Maybe if I make a mess I'll find it again.

This is roughly the shape of the dress I was working on when I lost the shuttle case in the first place. Much less serious and dramatic, more summery, pastel yellow, but as full a skirt and as tiny a waist.

I found a few new things to post when I was out shopping the other day. Lots of cream and lots of lace. Also, an adorable vintage Burberry-style garment bag which I won't be listing, and finally the Samsonite travel cosmetics case of my dreams. Fine, it's brown (not pink) but it goes well with the garment bag.

Here's a lookbook look I fell absolutely in love with.
It's like Annie Hall at Constance-Billard!! The leather bag especially gets my want-pulse racing. I found an etsy site that I think would take on the commission, but for $400, I'll stick with my GoodWill Capezio bag. I have the matching wallet, anyway.