Sunday, June 14, 2009

1950s Dior

Something about the black and white and those full skirts...

Oh, and this one. Reminds me of this gorgeous Calvin Klein blouse I always forgot to buy. I'd like to reconstruct this entire outfit. I'll post my version as soon as I get the piece I lost to my sewing machine when I cleaned my apartment last week. Ironic I know. Maybe if I make a mess I'll find it again.

This is roughly the shape of the dress I was working on when I lost the shuttle case in the first place. Much less serious and dramatic, more summery, pastel yellow, but as full a skirt and as tiny a waist.

I found a few new things to post when I was out shopping the other day. Lots of cream and lots of lace. Also, an adorable vintage Burberry-style garment bag which I won't be listing, and finally the Samsonite travel cosmetics case of my dreams. Fine, it's brown (not pink) but it goes well with the garment bag.

Here's a lookbook look I fell absolutely in love with.
It's like Annie Hall at Constance-Billard!! The leather bag especially gets my want-pulse racing. I found an etsy site that I think would take on the commission, but for $400, I'll stick with my GoodWill Capezio bag. I have the matching wallet, anyway.

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  1. I just stumbled on this while looking at google images for 1950s Dior dresses... I *LOVE* your sense of style! Please keep posting!